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Flea Bites on Humans With Pictures

The red points and irritation which is accompanied with a red aureole is a result of flea bites on people.(To identify the infection you can find detailed flea bites on humans pictures in the internet.) Their bites produce discomfort because of the intense itch. Mostly the flea bites can be found on the bottom of your legs, on your ankles and on your feet. These insects and parasites frequently get into the houses and breed there because of the pets, which bring them on their hair from the outside. After the fleas got into the positive environment of habitation (your house), they start to breed at once and find the source of food which is the pets and the humans. The flea’s saliva can provoke the allergic reactions as it contains some ferments and anticoagulants, and it could cause the scab, hair loss or strong tumor to the pets and humans. In the more difficult cases the injured persons suffer from skin swelling and open wounds.

Before you started any actions on elimination the fleas on your pet, you should consult the veterinarian for getting the qualified help in choosing the shampoo for pets, spray or any other insecticidal mean. The cold water removes the inflammation, while the warm or hot water intensifies the itching effect.  Fresh aloe juice can assuage the skin, and the products rich in fatty acids, such as linseed, have an anti-inflammatory action.

If these purposeful actions don’t give you a desirable result, it would be rational to take your pet to the veterinary clinic for the proper examination and detection of further ways of curing. To remove a tumor and an itch on your pet you can use steroid cream or hydrocortisone, which you can get under the doctor’s prescription.

It’s very important to realize that flea bites on people can be a very frequent phenomenon. Usually they appear on human’s body in the shape of red points, which later can form the crust on the skin. Besides, you should remember that the fleas are strong enough to bite through the thick skin layer and to get to the blood cells, that’s why the sting area can also start to bleed. In later stage the red marks can itch hard and become more visible. All these signs are considered to be the most usual symptoms of flea stings on humans, and it is very important for you to start curing from them as soon as possible. Since the fleas bite as a rule in the certain area more than one time, you have all chances to notice several bites in that area. The fleas tend to bite in some places at once when they are moving across the body.

If you were bitten by the fleas, there some ways how to cure the big bites by yourself: wash the bitten area with some cleaning means or antiseptic soap, then make a compress with the ice and try not to scratch the infected area. To reduce scratching you can use some calamine lotion or antihistamines, which can be very effective. In case the wounds produce some pus, you should immediately visit a doctor.

The curing of big bites is just a little component of other infection symptoms. The main thing you should pay your attention to is the reason but not the consequences.  The extermination methods should be planed and taken in the complex with curing and treating the whole infected area. If you found the fleas in your house the best way to get rid of them is to address in the special company which fights with the fleas, where you can be consulted and in case of emergency you can order extermination measures.

As the fleas refer to parasites which are fed with blood, they can transfer various kinds of the diseases connected with blood. Such kinds of diseases can cause long-term consequences, including skin irritation, tumor or the itching in the whole body. These signs concern animals as well as people. In some cases this condition can’t be even cured.

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