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Flea Bites on Kids

Actually, it is not enough for a flea to bite just once, it prefers to torture its victim with multiplied bites.
The flea bites are located very close to each other (in groups). In fact, not only human fleas but dog and cat fleas as well feels comfortable on the children. No wonder that the flea bites on children is a very widespread phenomenon. What is the best way to rid out of these insects?
With the help of rubbing means, that a doctor will prescribe you.
With the warm shower: put the kid with clothes on in the bath, filled with water for width of a palm. Take off all kid’s clothes and leave it for a while in the water. Wash the kid in the shower.

What do flea bites look like?

The bites mostly could be found on the ankles and the bottom of the legs. A flea bite usually looks like a red spot with a red aureole which can be seen within the hours. It depends on the body’s reaction on the sting. The bites can cause to some people slight irritation or an itch while the other flea bites can turn into a strong tumor. The children’s skin is more sensitive to the flea stings, therefore flea bites on babies are more visible.

How to Treat Flea Bites on Kids

Before you go to the doctor for his prescriptions, there are some ways how to treat flea bites by yourself, especially if the allergy is not so serious.

    • Wash out a sting area with an antiseptic soap or other clearing means.
    • Put a small bag with ice on the affected area. It will help you to avoid swelling and an inflammation.
    • Put some calamine lotion to reduce an itch.
    • In a local drugstore it is possible to get some steroid cream without efforts, for example a hydrocortisone, which can be used for quick removing a tumor and an itch.

But don’t forget that to prevent is better than to treat. The fleas are breeding with a huge speed, and to get rid of them is not easy. It is necessary to elaborate all the actions on fighting against the fleas, including treatment of pets, cleaning the entire house as well as the yard and the garden. All these actions demand great efforts and persistence, but when you manage to get rid of the fleas and their stings completely, you will understand that it worth the efforts!

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