It is possible to define fleas at dogs by their behavior and reaction. The dog becomes very irritable. It sharply and aggressively reacts on the environment. Quite often the dog loses appetite and it can even lose some weight. The dog is constantly disturbed by an itch that involves scratching which can turn into ulcers. The ulcers can be a source of infections which lead to other consequences.
The fleas are also the carriers of such disease like Dipilidioz. It happens when dogs bite out the fleas. It is necessary to consider that this disease difficult to treat, what is more it extends on people but in this case the infection occurs in some other way.

How to kill the fleas on dogs

The best and long-term medicines for killing fleas on dogs are sprays and drops. These medicines differ in using. With the spray from fleas all the hair of an animal should be processed and drops from fleas should be processed directly on the top of shoulder of the dog. Actually these medicines have identical effect. The expiration date of the spray and drops lasts from 2 day to 4-5 weeks. 

What else kills fleas on dogs is a collar from fleas. The collar has longer expiration date but in its turn it isn’t a medicine. It is necessary to mention that if the sprays and drops from fleas treat an animal from the fleas, the collar only frightens them off.

Actually such option as the collar from fleas necessary to use as a prevention, nothing more. There are chemical and biological collars. The chemical collars better not to use for puppies, pregnant and feeding dogs, in this case there are biological options.

To kill fleas on dogs use an antiflea shampoo. The shampoos from fleas have the same effect as collars.

To get rid of fleas on dogs it will be simpler if you use the means from fleas in a complex. To start with the dog should be processed with preparations and cured, then wash it up well with shampoo, and in end put the collar on it.

After you found fleas on the dog and began treatment don’t stop only on methods of treatment and preventive measures. It is necessary to carry out the complete processing of a room, floors and dog’s places.

The floor coverings should be vacuumed and a vacuum bag should be destroyed. After all the actions, given above, are executed and you managed to get rid of fleas on the dog, it is necessary to treat your dog from the worms. It fell out that the fleas are active carriers of helminthes.

The veterinarians advise to do the processing of your pet’s hair every period since March till November. Use drops from fleas every month during this period.

Try to prevent such problems to your pet and it will pay you back with the devotion and fidelity.