There are various types of means from the fleas such as collars, shampoos, sprays, powders and drops. Earlier there were especially popular such means as sprays, powders and drops. However, the effect from them was temporary. You should fight against the parasites in those places where all is concentrated: eggs and larvae, chrysalises and adult individuals. Because some of the development stages can proceed for months, it is necessary to put chemical means repeatedly. The sprays or humidifiers, which demand to leave the house for some hours, are to use twice a week with the 2 weeks interval and then each two months during the whole summer season.

It is necessary to treat the animals constantly and to disinfect the places where they are staying, otherwise some of the fleas can survive and infect the animals again. You will even need to disinfect your yard and a kennel by means of an insecticide in order to avoid constant repeated infection.

The vacuum cleaner can help with destruction of eggs and larvae. You should pay the special attention to the cracks and corners. At the end of cleaning throw out a package with garbage from the vacuum cleaner it still can serve as an incubator from which even more fleas can appear. In certain cases you should call a special service on fleas extermination.

Treating fleas on dogs

As one would expect, treating fleas on dogs, despite above listed methods, demands time expense, it is rather expensive and difficult. However there is a positive moment:  there is a wide range of means against fleas and insects which are rather safe for animals, and which are more effective and ecologically safe. Actually, the prevention of a disease is the most effective and simple way of control on appearance of the fleas.

One of the groups of means for treating fleas on dogs is intended for destruction larvae and eggs. These tablets are called regulators of insects’ development (insect growth regulators – IGRs). Medicines of this group don’t destroy adult individuals, but they considerably reduce the population by delaying of their development.

The other group of means destroys the adult individuals quickly and effectively. Recently oral means were elaborated. If your dog intakes this medicine in 30 minutes the fleas will die.

All these medicines are safe and easy in using. Many veterinarians advise to combine different types of medicines for more efficiency. Before choosing the right treatment for fleas on dogs and using the means from fleas consult the veterinarian.