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How To Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs faster

Traditional control means from fleas are directed on the extermination of adult individuals don’t concern other stages of development of these insects. If you concentrate only on destruction of adult fleas, you never will get rid of them. Hundreds eggs, larvae, chrysalises and the growing-up fleas expecting the hour fall on each killed adult insect.

Processing inside the house

  • Cleaning with the vacuum cleaner

Getting rid of fleas on dogs starts with the cleaning the house by mean of vacuum cleaner.  Use special attachments to get to all the holes and corners. Vacuum even the floor covered with the wood and tile. Throw away the vacuum cleaner’s bag immediately. There you can find thousands of eggs, larvae and chrysalises of fleas which can hatch and infect your house again.

Yard processing

  • Mowing of the grass

Mow or cut the grass in your yard properly. Fleas like the tall grass. It is an excellent surface for reproduction of insects which is an inexhaustible source of infection of surrounding area.

  • Sprays

After you were tidied up in a yard, use a spray for the yard and kennel, carefully following instructions on the packing. For using some of them first you must make the lawn wet and then use the spray and after that make the lawn wet again. In other cases you have to use special applicator in definite conditions. These substances are safe, however they are being chemical toxins therefore it is necessary to read the instruction attentively and not to use a product otherwise.

How to treat fleas on dogs. The best way to get rid of fleas on dogs.

There are plenty of means against the fleas in form of sprays, powders, bath means and so on. Buy only good brands of such means and only those which suit to your pet the best.

  • Bathing

Start with a good bathing. Use soft shampoo for the animals, containing insecticides or components killing the fleas. Safe and widespread such ingredients as pyrethrum and  d-limonene. In case of easy affection by the fleas these medicines will be enough. And if the case is average or heavy, after bathing it is necessary to dip your pet completely into the water.

  • Antifleas collars

In a few days put on your pet an antifleas collar. Yes, they can be very effective in case they are used as a part of fight against the fleas program. The fleas’ eggs contacting with a collar, cannot hatch.

  • The sprays for animals

Use such sprays in case of necessity. For example, if you see a flea, and before bathing it is still some time left, spray several times the spray from the fleas on your pet. Use the spray before going with your dog for a walk or in the park. However, it is not necessary to use the spray very often and to rely only on it or on a collar. And you shouldn’t “fill in” the pet with such sprays.

  • Preventive measures

After you started the fight against adult fleas, cleared and processed the yard and bathed your dog, it is necessary to take some preventive measures.

A good idea is strew a place where your dog sleeps with an antiflea powder. The use of sprays for animals before walk in the park is a good preventive measure too.

The preventive measures also include carpet processing with the help of а sodium (drill). These natural compounds are safe for children and animals, and their action can last nearly for a year. Strew them on the carpet, process a surface with a brush and don’t shake out after that.

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