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How to Treat Flea Bites on Humans

Fleas are small pests, which suck either human or pet’s blood and this nourishment helps them survive. These parasites cannot fly, but they are great jumpers. As a result, they can land on their host’s skin and start sucking blood by means of injecting saliva, which has anesthetic properties, into the skin. As a result, a person or a pet does not experience pain or discomfort when these pests bite them and this is what helps fleas suck enough blood until they are noticed. Do you suffer from this problem at the moment? If so, then you will appreciate information that will help you learn how to get rid of flea bites on humans.

As far as these parasites are often found in pets’ coat, they frequently affect the lower area of human legs. Their bites generally look like small itching red spots and have the signs of swelling and irritation. They also have red halos around them. These signs may last from several minutes and up to a few hours, which depends on the kind of flea, which has bitten you. Unfortunately, the danger of these bites is not limited to the feeling of discomfort and potential infection a person may develop. The fact is that fleas, just like lots of other insects and mosquitoes, are said to carry different diseases. This is what makes their eradication a number one goal for millions of people around the world.


If you are seriously concerned with the above mentioned problems, you are bound to find out how to get rid of flea bites and prevent them as effectively as possible.  Luckily, it is not a problem nowadays to choose the best remedy to apply or take. The market abounds in a great assortment of topical solutions, creams and various ointments, which ideally heal these bites. If you are searching for more affordable treatment methods, you can learn more about natural or home-made products you can use. No matter what option you will go for, you should always keep the affected skin area clean before applying the product you have selected. Just wash it with cold water and soap or any other antiseptic. It is better to avoid warm water, since it can trigger severe itching.  If the bitten area has swollen, you can put an ice-pack on it. Another method to reduce redness and swelling is to apply any steroid cream on the affected place. These medications are claimed to feature efficacy when it comes to reducing irritation and inflammation. Additionally, you can take a dose of anti-histamine medicine you have at hand. It will relieve itching, due to which you will not have to scratch the affected area and the bite will heal faster.

What you should realize is that it does not make sense to look for info that will help you decide how to get rid of fleas on humans only. Instead, it is of great importance to learn how to eradicate these pests efficiently and this is exactly what will solve the problem.

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