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Cat Fleas: Best Flea Treatment For Cats

Cats are one of the widest pet animals in the world and for this, flea bites on cats make a leading pet related problem for every other house with a cat. However, there are cases that even if there are not animals in the house, the house can still be infested with fleas either due to hidden rodents in the house of one of the residents having a flea infection. On the surface, fleas may not seem to be much of a big issue but once your pet or someone in your house has it, there seems to nothing worse than it.


There are many skin and health related issues that can arise because of flea bites on cats. One thing that has to be understood is that most of the times only the adult fleas bite to feed on the blood in order to either lay eggs or protect the territory and keep the Flea Life Cycle from going on extinction. So, if there are signs of flea bites on your cat, you already know that there is a whole colony of fleas there and you need to take immediate action to first get rid of the fleas and then destroy its colony to make sure that they do not come back. Doing both the things are equally important because if you do not destroy the colony, there is a fair chance that fleas will be back in a matter of just days.


Because flea bites on cats can cause different types of allergies and can raise serious health concerns for your cat, there are many clear indications from which you can easily find out that your cat is a flea house. One of the primary indicators is that unlike its nature, your cat would be more hypersensitive and restless than ever. Then your cat would be licking its different body parts a little too much or scratching its skin again and again at the same spot. Loss of hair from the tip of the tail or from a specific part of its body is another visible sign of serious flea infection. You can also check here for Flea Bite Pictures on Cats.If any of these indications are there, it is time that you take things seriously. There are flea combs that can be bought from any pet store, use it as a first test to know if there really are fleas on your cat. If you can’t find them, take your cat to a vet for a skin test.

Fleas On Cats Treatment

There are many natural and chemical products that can be used to get rid of fleas and treat flea bites on cats. These products have to be applied on the skin of the cat and have to be left there for a while before they are washed off. Once the flea treatment is applied, it usually kills the weak fleas and weakens the stronger ones. Letting it be there keeps the fleas from growing or moving to some other place. The products have to be applied continually for a few days so that your cat can get rid of the fleas for good. If your cat licks off the topical solution or you have a tough time bathing it with a flea shampoo, you can alternatively go for oral treatments. However, compared to topical treatments, it takes more time to be taken care of.


Just treating your cat is not enough, because you also have to give yourself and your cat a better and flea-free living conditions.Fleas, such as the Sand Fleas Can Also Bite Humans,So Talk to your nearest pest controller about controlling fleas. Vacuum clean the rugs and carpets thoroughly throughout the house, sweep clean the floors and other hard surfaces and make sure even the corners of the house are cleaned properly. Take all the rubbish out of the house and wash the bed sheets and disinfect the sofas and the cushions where your cat loves to get cozy. This will make sure that you purge out the fleas from your house for good.

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