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Cat Fleas Symptoms and Treatment

Fleas on cats symptoms

If your cat is constantly scratching, and biting itself most likely that it has fleas. Of course, sometimes when it has fleas it doesn’t scratch intensively. One more symptom of existence of the fleas is a hair loss.
Also if you examine your cat carefully you will see small black grains on the animal’s body. These black grains are the blood not digested by fleas. If your cat has light hair, seeing these grains to you will be much easier. If the cat’s hair has a dark color, try to comb out the cat with a comb which has small cloves over a leaf of white paper or on a piece of white cloths.

Fleas on cats treatment

If you found fleas on your cat, the treatment should be immediate. To exterminate the fleas on the cat is rather easy, but, nevertheless, remember, that they are very hardy. Therefore except treatment of the cat, it is necessary to disinfect the entire house. Especially those places where the cat stays more often.

It is necessary to vacuum the carpets, sofas, pillows, furniture and sprinkle with safe anti-fleas sprays (they are sold in pharmacies). The covers, linen, towels should be washed in the hot water.

For extermination the fleas from the cat’s body you can use various solutions, shampoos, aerosols, emulsions. But while choosing the means it is necessary to consider the duration of its effect, its toxicity for an animal, side effects etc. When using any anti-fleas means read the instruction. Also when using it for the first time it is better to take a smaller dose for not to cause any allergic reaction to the cat.

Besides, it is important to remember that it is not allowed to mix different means together, even if they are absolutely safe separately.

Shampoos from fleas are rather effective and simple in use. But when using shampoo it is necessary to watch that the soap water and foam didn’t get to the eyes, a nose, ears and a mouth of the animal. When using the shampoo sometimes it is necessary to repeat processing of an animal in ten-twelve days.

It is also possible to use various powders and anti-fleas aerosols, but they need to be rubbed carefully in the skin and fur of a cat. If you chose an emulsion, powder or aerosols, watch that the cat lest it should lick its fur. After all, the ingress of such preparation in a stomach can cause a poisoning of the cat.

As a prevention measure against appearance of fleas it is possible to use a bitter wormwood. This is the safest mean for the cat, though it doesn’t kills the fleas but only frightens off them. You should crush and rub in the cat’s fur the dry wormwood leaves, and then properly to comb out your pet. You can also put cotton bags with the dried wormwood in those places where the cat prefers to sleep.

And remember, if while using any mean against the fleas you noticed an allergic reaction of the cat (reddening, more intensive itching, hurried breathing etc.), address for help to the veterinarian immediately.

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