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Dog Flea: Symptoms and Cure

On the dogs parasitizes dog’s flea Ctenocephalus canis. Generally the puppies get fleas from their mother. The fleas on dogs can be found mostly because of unsatisfactory conditions of keeping a dog and bad feeding. The fleas, while blood sucking, piercing the skin and inject their saliva which has toxic qualities. The flea’s bites provoke an itch. The scratching develops dermatitis. The young dogs are infected more intensively and bear the invasion harder. The fleas are easy to notice while examining the dog’s body.

Till now scientists-entomologists puzzle over a question how to get rid of the fleas which are disturbing the pets. Any apartment where the pet lives becomes a shelter for the fleas.

The fleas are very creative insects. They were thriving on our planet for a long time before the people appear and it is not so easy to get rid of them.

Fleas on dog’s symptoms.

The flea’s bites are very painful and they are causing a strong itching and the skin inflammation. The animals scratching the infected parts of their bodies with the help of the legs, catching the fleas from the hair with their teeth, thus putting the scratches and abrasions on their bodies. The life of the animals turns into a torture. The probability of infection with other hard proceeding illnesses increases in thousand times.

For the extermination of fleas on the dog’s body there are a lot of insecticides in a form of dusts, solutions, emulsions and sprays. Also there are a great number of collars and pills from fleas. To help the owner to make a right choice in such a variety of medicines can the veterinarian. While choosing a medicine you should get into account its duration, the activity concerning mature and immature flea individuals, toxicity for animal’s organism and the price. The effect of the insecticide depends not only on its form and quality but also on putting it on the pet’s hair.

For the purpose of preventive measures don’t let the healthy dogs to contact with infested ones, observe the rules of caring about animals and their keeping, examine the dog’s skin monthly. If you found some fleas you should process with insecticides not only the dog but the house and the things which were in contact with the dog.

The infection with fleas is especially dangerously for those dogs which are sensitive to the stings. In the certain cases fleas also become a source of infection with worms.

All the dogs are under the risk of being infected with fleas. The animal can be infected with fleas from the other dogs, cats or other animals like hedgehogs, rabbits or direct from the surrounding, where were or live those animals.

In this or that kind a flea spends its life mostly on the earth and jumps on warm-blooded animals (for example, dogs) to eat and breed.

How to act

  1. Regularly check your dog on presence of fleas and the traces of their existence. For this put the dog on sheet of a white paper and comb its hair with fingers. The dirty parts will fall on the paper.
  2. Make a cottonwool tampon wet and rub off the dirt from the paper then wait for some minutes. Look at the tampon carefully: all the dry traces of fleas’ existence start to dissolve and round them will appear some brown stains — the traces of the sucked blood.
  3. Having defined the presence of fleas on the dog start fighting against them immediately. In non neglected occasions it is enough to process the dog with the special drops from fleas. Vacuum the house and at the same time process the places of dog’s inhabitation, carpet for example, with the spray from fleas.
  4. Process the bitten places with a brilliant green or vodka. If your dog has a strong reaction on the flea bites it will need emergency medical aid, since because of the intense itch it can scratch itself till bleeding.
  5. The symptoms of being infected by the fleas are very similar to other skin diseases, that’s why the medical checkup will be very thorough. The veterinarian will make a test on the presence of the fleas, which is described above, and if your pet has an allergy to bites, he will also make the skin tests and after that the vet will prescribe you a proper treatment.
  6. Probably you will need to cure other skin diseases like pyodermatitis which your dog got because it was scratching a lot.

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