Though the desire to buy the effective and powerful mean against the fleas is so strong, lots of people prefer to find out non toxic and domestic solution of this problem. The patience and watchfulness maybe even more important and effective than herbal baths or food additives which you give to your dog. If you follow all our pieces of advice you will get rid of fleas and their larvae which continue hatching during the next few weeks.

Here are some natural remedies for fleas on dogs.

  • Comb them out.

The following method which we will mention as the best home remedy for fleas on dogs is using a brush for combing the fleas out. Before you start combing your pet make sure that you have a bowl with soap water. While combing concentrate your attention on such places as the back and tummy. After each move put the comb into the soap water. That would kill all the fleas and the larvae will get on then comb.

  • Wash them properly!

One of the best home remedies for fleas on dogs is to put your pet into the water. If your dog has a lot of fleas you can notice the small creatures which will start to crawl around its eyes while taking a bath. That’s why it is desirable to soap your dog properly and to wait 5 minutes. After that swill out the pet thoroughly. You will notice that the majority of parasites will disappear. Do this procedure regularly every week to rid out of the rest of the fleas which were lucky in the bath.

  • Act naturally!

Some people found out another natural remedy for fleas on dogs. This natural remedy can be used without any dangerous side effects. Prepare the remedy with using essential oil mix. They can include cedar oil, oil from the tea tree, citronella, lavender, eucalyptus or pennyroyal. Here is a receipt for making a safe homemade spray form fleas for your dog – mix up the warm water (600 ml), lavender oil (2 drops) and cedar oil (2 drops). Pour the mix into the sprayer and shake it to blend all the components. Before using this spray form fleas make sure that you gave a bath to your pet. Spread the spray evenly on your pet’s body. And, as we have already mentioned, pay your attention to the back and tummy. However, be careful when spreading the spray in the face area, watch it for not to get into the dog’s eyes. Perhaps, you will need to use the spray many times for achieving a good result.

All these methods are good for a weak infection and couldn’t be so effective for a serious infection. In this manner, it is always desirable to show your pet to the veterinarian if you noticed that the problem is getting out of control. The vet will chose the remedy which is good for your pet or he will prescribe another treatment from fleas; all depends on your dog’s condition.